Skylark Orange Circles (2004)

for two marimbas


2004. This work is dedicated to the wonderful Japanese marimba virtuoso, Momoko Kamiya. The music is very dance like in quality, going over and over through mostly the same sequence of harmonies while melodic variations are developed. The melodic ideas become more and more like a bird (or flute) singing as the work progresses. A “skylark” is a bird (lark) that sings as it rises skyward. I sometimes see colors for certain pieces of music, and this music always struck me as having the color of orange associated with it. Therefore, as the music continually dances in a circular and joyful fashion, the “skylark” sings in the orange sky.  Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (

The recording is from:  Welcome to Stout (available from a variety of sources, including this website, with Gordon and Erikao Daimo).