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Composer, teacher, marimbist, percussionist.


Announcing:  Young Composers International (YCI)

This is an exciting new venture for me, and for some young composers of music for marimba and percussion from around the world, as well as everyone else in the percussive arts.  I am making the music of young and talented composers from around the world available to all of you.  This is music  that otherwise would not be known, recognized, performed or celebrated outside of their home countries.  This music is available for free download from  the "Young Composers Int" section of my website.  Print it.  Perform it.  Share it.  Enjoy it.  Stayed tuned for  music from other young composers from time to time.

José Alejandro Garcia Aponte is the first featured composer.  He is a native of Venezuela and was  born in 1996. He is founder of the Percussion Ensemble Llanos of Venezuela with whom he had the opportunity to tour in France. Jose has participated in various seminars with Fernando Meza, José Alicea, Roger Carlssonentre and others. He has participated in all the editions of the International Percussion Festival of the Llanos where he has shared experiences with teachers like Tom Toyama, Juan Alamo, Felix Mendoza, and Dave Samuels.  As an orchestral musician he has been a part of the National Children's Orchestra of Venezuela twice, directed by conductors Gustavo Dudamel and Sir Simon Rattle. He was also invited by the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Caracas to its "Asia Tour 2013". Currently he is pursuing studies in composition and finishing his studies in percussion at the Conservatory of Music "Simon Bolivar" and the Latin Percussion Academy where he took classes with teachers from the Row Percussion Symphony Orchestra "Simon Bolivar ".

Three of his compositions are now available:  

Sigh for solo vibraphone

Sigh Duó for vibraphone and marimba

Liberté, dans use chanson II for marimba and two percussionists.  

You may view some performances of these compositions by going to YouTube, and typing in José Alejandro Garcia Aponte.

I hope you enjoy his music. Please email him directly if you like his music:  let him know if you download a copy and if there are any possible future performances: Next, look for the percussion music of a young Brazilian percussionist/composer Matheus Moresco.  Coming soon!!  Who knows, if enough attention is generated, maybe some of this music will eventually be published (at which time it will be removed from this site of course).

September 20, 2015

Matheus Moresco is the second featured composer. Matheus is from Brazil.  He is a musician, who graduated from the University of Passo Fundo with a  Bachelor of Music degree in Percussion and Music Education. He participates in the institution Percussion Group coordinated by Prof. Hatem Samir, and has also participated for eight years in the Jazz Group and Chamber Orchestra, university extension groups. Born in Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil in 1989. He began studying piano at seven years old, later had interest in drums and soon after by the saxophone. Currently engaged in the study of the vibraphone, Matteus is also a drummer in some bands and professor of percussion and music education in public schools and social projects.

He lived in Argentina where he had timpani classes at Universidad Nacional Del Litoral with Arturo Vergara, and festivals throughout Latin America with Gordon Stout, Ney Rosauro, John Wooton, Dan Moore, Frank Kumor, Christian Hirth, Esteban Gutierrez, Walter Barraza, Edgar Villa Vicencio, Clarissa Severo de Borba, Gutjard Douglas, Fernando Hashimoto, Eduardo Gianesella, Carlos Stasi, John Boudler, among others.


Five of his compositions are featured here, and are now available:


Brot No. 1, for flute, marimba, vibraphone and acoustic bass.

Brot No.2, for flute(2), tenor saxophone, vibraphone, marimba, contrabass(2) and six percussionists.

Para Natália, for solo vibraphone

Para Natália, for vibraphone, piano, percussion(7), and electric bass

Para Natália, for vibraphone, piano and strings


I hope you enjoy the music of Matheus Moresco.  Please download a copy.  Please perform his music at any time.  If you do perform any of his compositions, please email him at:   Links to midi performances are located at:


August, 2015 - Four of my newer compositions are now available from Keyboard Percussion Publications (

-Cerulian Landscape (2013) for solo marimba (5.0).  Written for Kana Omori, this is a very expressive and beautiful work.

-Outgoing (2011) for marimba (5.0), piano, timpani and two percussion.  A difficult and major work of about 10 minutes, with a distant kind of relationship to the Bartok Sonata.

-Somewhere in Africa There's A Whirlwind (2010) for two marimbas.  Recorded by Marco Schirripa and Sean Gill on my new CD Welcome to Stoutland.  A very exciting and challenging work for two five octave marimbas.

-Afternoon Footprints (2014) for solo marimba (5.0).  One of my most recent and beautiful compositions for solo marimba.

Four more will be available, also from, by PASIC 2015.  Stay tuned for information.

My most recent CD - Welcome to Stoutland has been available since  May 25, 2014.  In contains much of my chamber music written in the last ten years or so (all published by Keyboard Percussion Publications:  Please see What's New for track listings. You might also check out the new Wilder Duo Live double CD. It is for sale in the Store section, now at a reduced price!!  It can also be downloaded at: and iTunes.  

Now you can also find  errata for Skylark Orange Circles, Sedimental Stuctures, Rumble Strips, Northern Lights (Ewazen), plus the 5.0 version of the last section of Astral Dance, in the Errata section.  Click on the comment link for each one individually you would like to share. Note:  the comment links have been disabled on 6/26/14, because of extensive spamming.  At this time, you will need to take a picture of the errata you are in need of (Mac users can use Grab, or similar program). Sorry about that.

New to the errata section:  PASIC 2014 Keyboard Sight Reading Lab Materials list.

The photo below is the percussion class from XXX Festival International De Inferno Da UFSM in Vale Venito, Brazil.  July/August 2015

roof picture vale Venito 2015_resized